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My most recent article and only article of recent belongs to the family crime scene cleanup tradition.

Not a government referred crime scene cleanup company, Ernie's crime scene cleanup domains began as a marketing idea for biohazard cleanup. My holding in oth4er states began to plummet. As a remedy, I chose to use Domains for Ernie. These were to help Florida crime scene cleanup gain its natural position at top ranking. At the beginning of crime scene cleanup ranking wars, I easily held my own. As times changed, so too did the crime scene cleanup ranking business. It faltered.

I asked myself, "Why." I had the answer before I asked it, but I needed self-assurance. Since I became prominent on the Internet as a crime scene cleaner, my many telephones were sometimes of the wall. Usually, people were long for a crime scene cleanup job. Then there were the calls from city and county employees wanting to start their own crime scene cleanup company. They were insistent that they had the right to default on their pledge of no conflict of interest.

Their intent to take part in crime scene cleanup services caught me off guard. I could see the future unfolding. Coroners employees, medical examiner employees (close cousins), county administrator employees for probate matters, sheriff's deputies (one from Orange County, California) had the gall to quiz me. They would, by virtue of their privileged positions, ruin my business, and cheat victims' families. They did, too. My Internet business marketing went downhill quickly.

Suddenly I drove thousands of miles every month to remain in the crime scene cleanup business.


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Crime scene cleanup gun sales plummeted in December 2018. Not long before, the bumper stickers business sold for a wild $200,000,000.

Hat sales directory improvements added. Guns and some old blog comments. Added hot history domains on January 4, 2011.