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Crime Scene Cleanup Hats

$98.00 and free shipping

Please know that each and every hat has its owner's personal identification, which causes us not to accept returns.

Hats fit most head with a self adjusting band; will not fit corrupt coroner employee heads.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Hats

For crime scene cleanup service, call 888-431-7233 any time. Use this same number to order your hat.





What's it really like to wear an official crime scene cleanup hat? Ask Eddie Evans. He knows because he not only writes for Crime Scene Cleanup, he cleans after very violent homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Not many can make such a claim while spearheading the drive against Orange County Consumer Fraud. So, like those others who beat you to the punch buying their very own Crime Scene Cleanup Bumper Sticker, now you have an opportunity to beat your neighbors to own your very own crime scene cleanup hat.

Folks, Eddie Evans goes nowhere without his emblazed and exciting crime scene cleanup apparel. It's not just decor and a fashing statement, it's about fighting local government fraud.So be the first on your street to display your very own crime scene cleanup hat. This is not an immitation. It's from the genuine business and web site!

When you display wear this hat, watch out. Folks will know whose side you're on, the side of justice for families victimized by crime scene cleanup crooks and county employee cronies.

Last, it's more than a politica, style statement, it's your way of showing that you too plan to do crime scene cleanup, and soon. Stand out from the crowd. Be first in your Twitter world to own this beautiful orange hat.

Eddie Evans approves of this hat for all ages and groups.