Crime Scene Cleanup Stuff Narrative

Here's a crime scene cleanup blog shot at criminality as well as crime scene cleanup corruption in government. Nothing has changed on this account this entire year.

A criminality page now exists at Crime Scene Cleanup's Criminality web page. Crime scene cleanup as a janitorial function remains too narrow a focus for such an important subject. We find county government employees, almost nationwide, have created their own brokering monopoly over crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, trauma cleanup, and decomposition cleanup.

In this criminality vain I have added a new focus to crime scene cleanup's How Crime Scene Cleanup Works. I'm developing a theme to help explain the role of political and religious ideologies in our though processes. Most specifically, my interest in ideological manipulation of masses by corporate media comes to mind. I explain how this powerful media works by explaining the conflict between religion and Darwinism, then Lysenkoism and biological science.

It takes time to develop a them with many characters and many incidents. Confronting half-truths and ignorance reminds me of confronting Orange County consumer fraud in death cleanup. Here I will add characters like Charles Lyell to round out Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. The importance of Lyell to Darwin and Wallace remains as great with Lyell as with Sir Thomas Malthus.

San Bernardino's Shame

Here comes a homicide cleanup call from San Bernardino. I know already, this caller has no money. If they had money, coroner's employees would have kept this family homicide for their own crime scene cleanup company.

I've explained it all too fully on my Orange County Consumer Fraud pages. It definitely applies to San Bernardino's poor tax payers, which must be a growing tribe these days.

It's not every day that I offer my services for free -- pro bono. It's not every day a father beats his son to death with a garden hole. It's not that I'm a do-gooders or a good guy. I simply cannot stand this situation, as existential as any situation gets. Yes, people are hell.

Imagine coming home to find your father in a rage; imagine how you would feel watching him chase your big brother into your family's garage. Your brother broadcasts his terror as it cascades into loud, animal-like groans; finally your brother's dying whimpers remove all doubt. Dad fatally wounded his first born. Now, you 'er next. You run.

At the gate you fumble with the gate's catch lock, too long. Dad's already caught your right collar bone with his long-handles hole. Dull, yes, painful, yes. Painful, yes. Now you fell yourself losing consciousness. Dad's not done. Another blow catches chin as you fall against the gate's resistance to your weight. Before you've given up screaming for mercy, dad's off for another son; another son joins his siblings as dad's first long-handled hole whacks its rust-covered, cutting edge squarely in his child's mouth an nose. This time there's no gate closing off his prey's escape. This time that horrific, bloody whack sends his 96 pound on backwards off his feet.


More sirens.

Dad's off to the house; there's more work in the house for his long-handled hole. Weeding, no. Bludgeoning unto death, yes. Three females scatter; each to their own room; each in their own way, seek mercy, escape for the hatchet affects. If there's a God, this scene must have appeared somewhere in his biblical language, but where?

Sophecles, Freud, have you given us a picture of this scene and somehow we've missed it; missed the forthcoming slaughter in San Bernardino?

It's mine now. The San Bernardino Coroner's guys didn't want it. They's got money-making homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths to refer. Me, I have no county employees referring to me because I'm not of their tribe; I don't want to be of their tribe. I'll clean it myself so a mother of a dead son, two critically wounded sons, two psychologically traumatized daughters, and she suffer no more on dad's account.

Eddie Evans

Crime Scene Cleanup Ethics


Mom taught us never to hate the bad guys. It eats away at a guy, anyway. Mom never cleaned up gory crime scenes, either. So I'll divide this pie into equitable amounts for crime scene cleanup observations and assumptions, and my mom's injunction against hating.

A new category arose this morning: Better unborn. Better unborn as a phrase means so much more than "better dead." It's not like I'm wishing an ultimate outcome on someone I should depise; it's an outcome without consequences in so many ways. Besides, look at all the harm reduction removed from our world by the phrase, "better unborn."

Anyone reading this far will surmise I'm playing with words and a social reality. Once born, an infant enters institutions formed by buildings, social bonds, language, ideology, culture that is. Ecological realities far too complex to figure out belong to a newborn's world.. This last comment on ecology and figuring out what's "too complex" leads me to that striking observation by Berry Commoner, a one-time environmental, presidential contender:

Nature is very complex to think about, and probably more complex than we can think.


I suppose Commoner had something like this in mind: We don't know what we don't know.

We Don't Know What We Don't Know

What's more, we really do not know what we do not know. This sentence carries much more meaning than realized at first glance. It has meaning beyond its first meaning. It has "meta-meaning" behind it. It's a matter of staying with it to gain insight from its deeper meaning. Once we get beyond its superficial meaning, a new dimension in language's power and mental acquisition develops. It's an epistemological meaning. An idea with an idea

We don't know X.

We don't know that we don't know X.


I could be saying, "X is unborn; X never existed." But that's not what I'm trying to get at. I'm saying that whether or not "X" may or may not be known -- knowable -- We don't know that we don't know X.


Suppose there's a superman somewhere in our universe.

I don't know about superman.I don't

I know that I don't know about superman.


This does not qualify as "X." I at least have a cultural background telling about bigger-than-life characters like superman.



I think I know about tsunamis.

I don't know that I don't know about tsunamis.



I don't nuclear reactors break.

I don't know that I don't know nuclear reactors break.



Remember, I invoked Berry Commoner's saying, "Nature is very complex to think about, and probably more complex that we can think. " He's giving us a hint that we don't know what we don't know about nature; so what are we doing playing with nature as if it's some sort of tinker-toy?

It's not that anything in nature belongs to the unborn. Simply an extant in nature implies a birthing, a creation, a development of some sort. It's what's going on behind nature, within nature where our hott7-totty, arrogant pee-brains cannot see, let alone think about.


March 29, 2011

Japan grows hotter by the day. Government remains unreliable. Drinking water contamination now measures higher than at any level ever on Earth. Sea water grows more contaminated around a single plant, and its reach remains unknown. This is crime scene cleanup by any other name.

Japanese citizens in Los Angeles remain unaware of their nation's true damage. What they now know is that the nuke's CEO claims they did nothing wrong and the government OK'd what their plants. So now it's their government's fault.

Little do they know that Orange County Government lies as well or better than their own government.



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